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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


All right, I am WAY late about writing this one (and replying to others). Had a talk with my financial advisor about when I could quit the day job last night and...sigh...

Anyway, glass is still 3/4 full this am and I am cheerful from the reviews (though there is a smell of gas in the house, I'll have to check my pilot lights).

My friend Sharon Mignerey said that readers would like different books best in the Heart series and that it might be when they discovered the series...and I DO get different emails. Some like HeartMate best, I think because of T'Ash's rather sweetly bumbling courtship and his rise from Downwind to Noble -- and Zanthoxyl of course, Zanth the quintessential tom cat. I often got questions about pairing Zanth off -- but, Hello, he's a tom cat. (Saw the skinny stray tom I call Bittersweet this am and fed him. He let me pet him, too. He's more feral now it's summer). BTW Zanth plays a role in Heart Choice. AND, his alter-ego Boris, is the cat-hero of the contemporary paranormal novella Road of Adventure in What Dreams May Come.

Heart Thief is more problematical. It deals with a real outcast and Earth nanotechnology (though the cat with the flying saucer will always please some the most). Some of my readers like Heart Thief the most and some care for it the least. **shrug**

Heart Duel -- I've heard that folks LOVED Holm or was disappointed in him. I know some readers like it the best because of Holm. I was a little concerned that I did that twist in the end and I heard about it, but not as loudly as I thought (except a reader's vehemance scared me in person at the Romantic Times signing).

Guardian of Honor -- This was a slightly different direction, and I've had some people who enjoy it more than the Heart series...and I've had a lot of emails saying "I love your Heart series" which makes me think they haven't tried Guardian or didn't care for it.

So I wait for people to read Heart Choice and wonder...

Hmmm, didn't really mean to ramble on and list all the comments on the books. And you will note that I didn't say anything about folks wo write me with "I really can't get into that talking cat stuff..." ok, I heard that at a Chat -- and it's telepathic -- AND I try very hard to make them cats.

That gas smell is definitely something I must check into -- aren't you glad since this was mostly All About Me. OTOH, you know what to expect for your books -- people will like different ones for reasons that illude you.

Love to all,


Blogger moonhart said...

But Robin,

Isn't it a kick in the pants to have readers react to your characters?

As a reader, I try to write my favorite authors and let them know I enjoyed their work. Sometimes, I get instant replies (always a thrill), sometimes I don't get any, but when an author can make me lose myself in their world and their characters, then I am grateful for the ride.


12:34 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Oh, yeah! It's fun to run across people passionate about my books! Love it!

5:13 AM  
Anonymous Stacey said...

Personally, I love all your books. I've addicted one friend to them, and am in the process of addicting more friends to your books.

I just need to get to a bookstore in the next couple of days and get Heart Choice!

11:23 PM  

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