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Friday, June 24, 2005

Stree Date II

Well, I was just emailed that a1 books on ebay is selling Heart Choice and What Dreams May Come. FOOEY! (Ok, I try not to swear in public and I CAN'T before my Mother or I get that look, you know what I mean, and she says something, too). I don't mind too much about Heart Choice since I write in a niche market and my print run isn't enough to really make the lists (as far as I know). But, as I said before, I do mind about What Dreams May Come.

FOOEY again. I sent them a note telling them I'm disappointed in them. **snort** Yeah, like that will work (and I think I pressed the button 3 times...), but may as well educate or at least send them a raspberry. Pppphhhhhttttt (wish I'd done that, but I was being professional).

But it's Friday afternoon, and I am home from work, so I am not too upset. Now I have to go down into the scary basement to mop the floor since people are coming over tomorrow. When I get my chance on Julie Kenner's Blog Slay Your Demons, I'm going to talk about house cleaning and how it relates to writing.

Love to all,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you continue writing heart books - at least one a year.
What about Heart...Blog..File..Geek?,(just a change of pace from the dashing hunks)telling the story of a sweet little chap, keeper of records - tradition, spells, words etc. - concerned about receding hair and expanding waistline?
Love to hear about the critique and get-together and any other subject. Fun to read your notes and those of other writers.
Thanks, and chao

11:24 AM  

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