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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Celta Thursday, Heart and Sword Cut

I am on retreat this week and I have a netbook with extremely limited space and amount of Celta stuff. Here is a cut bit from "Heart and Sword" in the collection, Hearts and Swords, this takes place on the starship Nuada's Sword on the voyage to Celta. Kelse (hero and Captain) is talking with the Bridge Crew:

"We will be landing the ship?" asked the Lieutenant.

Kelse blinked. "What other option is there? I don’t believe a space elevator can be built."

The young man glanced at his fellows, looked back at Kelse. "We could set the ship into long-term orbit and send people down."

"That would take some time, and fuel, and good piloting skills."

"We have more than one pilot of the dagger ships."


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