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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Celta Thursday: My current ideas:

Celta Thursday: My current ideas:


Garrett Primross Detective Stories (4)
1 case where he meets Laev T'Hawthorne (working)
His viewpoint of the events at Darjeeling's Teahouse
1 case down south with the boy he gave the blood transfusion to
1 case getting the elder Mugworts out of the sanctuary and into the city

Ash meets Holm (working, in an anthology if I turn it in on time)
MAYBE: Ash and Holm on the Vengeance Stalk

D. House Becomes Intelligent (working, in a different anthology)

3rd Cat POV story for a collection, Baccat Snares His Person

Script of the Heart (working)
Klay St. Johnsworth, actor, and Giniana Chervil, Healer

Claif Clover in the southern continent (Maybe)

Novels, current order:
Heart Sight, due November 30, WORKING

Heart - Gwydion Ash
Heart - Dani Eve Elder
Heart - Betony-Blackthorn

And that's it, folks.


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