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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Ghost Maker Excerpt, Day 7, October 4

I spent a lot of time and have many photos of Navajo Spring and the arcade (and Clare and Zach and Enzo spend time there, too).

Excerpt: The ghost of the nun, Julianna Emmanuel, wasn’t near the wall, or on the opposite side of the area, sitting on the rock, and the cool and shadowy space was empty. No one ate at the red picnic tables, not one child clambered to sit on one of the amusement rides line in rows.

Clare walked over to the ride directly across from the spring, a bull, that Julianna Emmanuel had eyed occasionally as if the girl inside her wanted to perch on it. Clare crossed to the spring trickling in the mosaic wall. Nothing. Not one sway of gathered folds of a nun’s habit, the lighter shade of her wimple. And no other shades of gray apparitions. Sighing, Clare said, “I hope we don’t have to go back to Miramont Castle and Montcalme, where she lived. I know that castle is haunted with at least one or two spirits from my time period.”

**I will look there!** Enzo loped away up the canyon.

But as Clare breathed deeply, appreciating the mountain air and letting her mind calm from squirrelly thoughts of what she should say to the young sister to help them both, she suddenly remembered a previous conversation. “I think I know where she went.”


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