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Monday, October 03, 2016

$2.99 Ghost Maker Excerpt, October 3, Day 6

Ghost Maker Excerpt http://amzn.to/2cFzPZL : I haven't spoken of Zach's gift of foresight, or of the search for missing boys plot...so here's a bit of both: Two crows cawed as they slanted across his windshield.

**Two for luck.**

A spurt of relief trickled through him.

Until the next singleton. **One for sorrow.**

Throughout the rest of the drive, he noticed one crow at a time.

One, and one, and one . . . but not together in multiples. One at a time.

He needed more. More help, more guidance. Just. More.

He tried to relax again. Cops and private investigators often had to clean up messes, so they could be mostly reactive to an initial situation. But they could also be patient, too, and when they had to act, they could and would—swiftly. He would. Right now he was in patient mode.

Zach still wanted that omen he waited for desperately.

Keep the mind clear but the senses sharp.

Then on the fence posts as he turned into the resort where they stayed, sat three solid and black crows . . . and one not so defined. As he blinked, they all faded, and he found his throat tight.
**Four for death,** but one hadn’t been substantial.

Zach decided that meant that more death could be prevented.


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