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Friday, October 14, 2016

Belated Celta Thursday: Nuin Ash's Story

My entire notes for Nuin Ash's story (at least 3 down the road):

Nuin's Story
FirstSon and Heir to T'Ash and D'Ash
Doesn't have a good handle on his Flair. It's erratic.
Maybe he isn't a pure Fire mage, everyone assumed he was a Fire Mage but he wasn't tested. DON'T BELIEVE THAT.
Maybe he likes being a fire mage and told his father he didn't need the testing stones. HUH!
What he has to do in his is accept who he is in addition to a fire mage.
Maybe he isn't a flashy fire mage, he is something more quiet

And maybe I'll play with Black Desert Character Creator so I can visualize him.


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