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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Celta Thursday, A couple of Naming Notes

Celta Thursday, A couple of Naming Notes: HEATHER, Ur

Plant Names: Calluna (Lark's mother) VULGaris (Lark's male cousin), Bella (Lark's nickname by Holm), ericaceae (used to make brooms), cinerea (Lark's cousin, the mental healer), PHYLLodoce (Lark's Fam) breweri, hyemalis, phyllodoce empetriformis, cassiope mertensiana, glanuliforea, brewer's mountain, French, pink mountain, scottish, white, white winter, yellow mountain, LINGA (mentioned in Heart Duel)



Plant Names: Crataegus, CRATAG, monogyna, LAEVigata, raphiolepis indica, aponogetonacae, aponogeton, distachyos, kratos, crusgalli, laciniata, lavallei, tanacetifolia, oxyacantha, haw, may, MAYBLOSSOM, mayflower, rosaceae, maybush, maytree, quickset, thornapple, whitethorn


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