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Friday, September 09, 2016

Belated Celta Thursday: Snippet from Heart FATE

Belated Celta Thursday: Snippet from Heart FATE:

When Tinne returned to T'Holly Residence and took over the tower as his living space, they consulted with Mitchella D'Blackthorn on the decoration.


She had advised restructuring rooms just outside his tower on two floors to connect with it, making it into a suite for his HeartMate.

She'd even tinted the walls, added murals and holos, furnished the bedroom, sitting room and the small sunroom that opened onto an area that could be made into a garden. Apparently TQ and Mitchella had consulted on Lahsin's taste.

The suite was lovely bare, and after it was done, it reminded Tinne so much of Lahsin when he entered it that he never went back.


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