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Friday, September 30, 2016

Excerpt from $2.99 Ghost Maker Coming Oct 18!

Continuing with my Ghost Seer Series Calendar, this is September 30th and the 3rd day of action in Ghost Maker (not published yet).

Zach went to the striking contemporary iron and ceramic fountains while Clare concentrated on reading the information set on stands. Enzo sat close to her feet, canceling out most of the heat of the sunshine.

The phantoms are curious and a little afraid. It’s been a long time since someone who could help them transition has come. He sniffed. Most are old and locked into old paths of status and clothes and who died of what. That seems to matter to them.


I will go talk to them. He grinned, yapped, and ran toward the shades, who saw him coming and clumped together. That just made him happier as he ran around them as if herding them. There is only maybe one person who could use your help at this time, Clare, Enzo projected.

No, Zach sent back to the ghost Lab.


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