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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Celta (etc.) Thursday

Celta (etc) Thursday: Working on my Biography (again!) for Lost Heart. So here's a list of my work (Celta in Reading Order), if you have questions, ASK, of course.
:) :
Celta HeartMate Series, in Reading Order
**Hearts And Swords (story collection, the first story, Heart and Sword, takes place on board the generational starship Nuada’s Sword)

Heart Thief
Heart Duel
Heart Choice
Heart Quest
Heart Dance
**Hearts And Swords (story collection, Heart Story)
Heart Fate
**Hearts And Swords (story collection, Heart and Soul)
Heart Change
***Free Short, short story ZANTH AND THE TREASURE
Heart Journey
***Script of the Heart novella, Coming Autumn 2016
**Hearts and Swords (story collection, Noble Heart)
Heart Search
Heart Secret
Heart Fortune (Glyssa Licorice and Jace Bayrum)
Lost Heart (Coming Spring 2016!)
Heart Fire
Heart Legacy
Heart Sight (Coming 2017)
* * *
Feral Magic, a Contemporary Paranormal Romance E-Novella
* * *
The Ghost Seer Series
Contemporary Paranormal with Romantic Subplot (featuring ghosts of the Old West)

Ghost Seer
Ghost Layer
Ghost Killer
Ghost Talker
Ghost Maker (Coming October 2016)

The Mystic Circle Series
Contemporary Fantasy

Enchanted No More
Enchanted Again
Enchanted Ever After

The Summoning Series
Average American women are summoned to another dimension to fight hideous evil…yes, flying horses!

Guardian of Honor
Sorceress of Faith
Protector of the Flight
Keepers of the Flame
Echoes In The Dark

* * *
The Road to Adventure (contemporary paranormal romance novella),
in What Dreams May Come, with Sherrilyn Kenyon and Rebecca York


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