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Friday, January 22, 2016

Celta Thursday, Original Cover of HeartMate

Belated Celta Thursday. :)

Yesterday I spent with a seminar (only half through) of Scrivener with Mac and setting up the new-to-me machine. I am confuddled with the Mac file system, and have found it to be less able to personalize than a windows machine, oddly enough (will talk of that later, I mean menu bars, window colors, icons for folders).

That said, I thought for the next while on Celta Thursday I would talk about the covers of the books. Let me know if this is not of interest to you.

First, of course, HeartMate and it's original cover. As soon as I sold that book in late January 2001, I got an email from my new editor. "Please send pictures of cat." Though the cover is very dated now, it looked fine for the time. For promo, since Danith drank tea, I had teabag covers made. HeartMate was part of the "Magical Love" series of Jove (which had just been acquired by Berkley Publishing Group and the offices had moved...thus one of the reasons I hadn't heard I'd sold for 6-8 months...).

As part of the Magical Love line, HeartMate had to have the magical element in the center of the cover, that's the HeartGift T'Ash is wearing. I didn't have another Fam on the cover until the recent Heart Fortune, but with the novellas I'm doing, from Script of the Heart on, I hope to have a couple and a Fam.

Here's the original cover, with Zanth and his emerald collar. I did describe his head as perfectly round and his ears flat. The reason for this I have learned was because he was a feral, unneutered male (until I let him -- Maddox -- inside). The ears were flat due to either fights or ear infections as a feral cat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love to see original covers! I thought I had the original cover, but think mine has a stylized drawing of T'Ash. (Re-reading the series now but on Kindle.) Glad to see Maddox enjoying a cushy life!

9:17 AM  

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