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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Celta Thursday, Lost Heart Cover Copy

Yes, I think the last piece of work I needed to do was the cover copy for Lost Heart before it's ready to solidify the final formatting. So here it is:

RITA(c) Award Winning author, Robin D. Owens’ first Celta novella!

A magical society rife with telepathic critters with attitude, hiding their own agendas and secrets in their furry little paws.

Barton Clover, Chief of Security for his large and noble family, is deeply aware of his responsibilities. But two young relatives have left the family and disappeared. He's determined to find them and convince them to return. He has no time or inclination for love . . . but is presented with an ultimatum that his life is unbalanced. He must visit a matchmaker or be removed from his position.

Enata Licorice, a revered librarian has been spending time in a mysterious vault, and suffers from odd blanks in her memory. Desperately lonely, she yearns for a good husband and attends a matchmaking session of her own.

It's love at first sight for Barton and Enata, but they are crucial members of their families who demand their time and attention and both feel torn.

While trying to resolve their issues, Barton discovers Enata's secret and they must work as a couple to resolve the puzzle that includes Barton's missing family members, if they dare. And if they fail, they lose their lives, and others' too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantasic! I've been wanting an expanded Barton/Enata story. Can't wait.

6:54 AM  
Blogger emilye said...

Looks like sooooo much fun! We want it now!

2:50 PM  

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