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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Audible AND Celta Thursday

Tomorrow the narrator will start with HeartMate...for audible. :)

And here's Celta Thursday, a small cut from Heart Quest: "I tracked you here, Trif." The artist, Citrula, showed teeth. She glanced around, looking unimpressed and the old irritation Trif felt for the woman seethed again. No one should be blase about Mitchella's decorating skill.

Citrula slanted a considering look at Greyku kitten. "I had a dream last night. A divinely inspired vision of what I should do for you, so I'm here." She sent a scowl to Trif. "It shouldn't take long, and it's gratis." She swooped down on Greyku, holding the kitten along one arm. Again she glanced around the elegant parlor. "Is there somewhere I can tint the kitten? It's a messy process."

"I remember," Mitchella said coolly. "I have a project room near the end of the hall. I'll show you."


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