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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Original Dictation Notes on HeartMate

Original dictation notes on HeartMate.
Celta Thursday: These are rough notes I dictated in (mumbledy-mumble year) when I was first thinking of HeartMate. Gave me a little jolt when I realized I'd changed Danith's name from Tanith...
She is an orphan, brought up by the Maidens of Saille. So, even though she wants a family, what she wants is a large--
She's involved now, not intimately, but dating, with an Italian-type guy, a large, brash, bourgeois family. She loves the family more than she loves him. She wants the family and she wants the family life. All our hero can offer her is himself and a future family, and his line always only tends to one or two.

Eventually, in the end, he can think about adopting people into his family to satisfy our heroine's need for a large family.

The fact that he's of from a Great family will sort of intimidate her. She doesn't want those duties, she doesn't want to be that public, she doesn't want the lifestyle, she doesn't want to move in those circles or associate with those people. And he doesn't have a family to offer her. Only himself.

She does, however, have an artistic drive -- a weaver collages/weavings/hangings/quilts. Also a creative person. **(but still in the closet with him, for as long as she can be), sees house & it cries out for art? Gets her fingers itching? Association with him = Passages, plus seeing empty walls? Nice!**
Johansen? book

Day job: Minor accountant in a lesser house, bourgeoise house. Accountant, clerk, sees something and doesn't realize it's dangerous knowledge, but whoever knows that she saw it (piece of paper) knows that its dangerous knowledge to him and she might eventually remember it.

Need to give her a Talent. Dexterity? He has a Talent for jewelry so. Maybe she's doing the wrong thing creatively, trying to be an embroiderer when she should be a weaver.

Talent with distilling?

He might ask her about daily divinations, what does she use? Does she do a daily divination? & she'll give him an odd look and he'll know that she does, and he'll ask what she drew,
Ask what she uses and she'll say cards, and he'll ask what she drew.

Someone coming into the store, a man, that could distract him.

May you enjoy all the worlds you visit today.


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