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Friday, March 29, 2013

Feral Magic Excerpt

For those who haven't read Feral Magic (2.99) yet (amazon: http://tinyurl.com/cdudkn8) Here's a taste:

Heart pounding, Dak whipped around and stared into the fluid airwaves of the dimensional portal. The gate solidified. He saw Bretine change shape. Fast, so fast! That speed was her special gift.

Nowe a white tiger with black stripes, Bretine sprang from the opening, roaring, all fangs and fur and claws, aiming for Dak.

But Earth's moon was up. He'd established a bond with it, pulled on it before, could do so now. He yanked viciously hard, changed fast, losing muscle mass as he converted it to energy.

He rose to meet the tiger, roaring his own challenge, lunged with teeth toward her skull for a death stroke. She'd aimed for the man and gotten the panther.

They clashed and rolled, both curled tight in a ball, both reaching with hind paws to protect their own bellies and rip at the other's gut.

His ears drummed with his blood and his own roar. Bretine's growls. And female human screaming too loud and shrill. Brandy.

Who with two swipes would be dinner for Bretine. After Brandy would be baby Favel.

Dak had everything to lose if he didn't fight and win.

May you enjoy all the worlds you visit today.


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