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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yesterday and Today - Day Off/Writing

Yesterday and Today - Day Off/Writing: Yesterday was a day off. I took a nap in the morning (and ended up sleeping most of the day in my clothes), listened to music, and reread a new book by an author who is hit-and-miss for me, this one was good the first time around but I don't think I'll be rereading this particular book very often. The day was okay, but had a couple of disturbing dreams. The music was great. :)

Today I dragged myself out of bed, worked on Ghost Seer and made up about 300 words from the dearth of yesterday, then switched to Feral Two, where I made up the wordage for all of yesterday (less than Feral Magic). I listened to my shuffle selection on Pandora. The day was good, I got a satisfied feeling of scenes written, characters played with, etc. The music was great. :)

So, right now, I am happier writing and working at a steady pace than resting and being plagued by NOT writing and working.

May you enjoy all the days.


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