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Friday, January 25, 2013

News and Bolts

First, I have finished Heart Fortune! It is long and no doubt will be cut. It is with
my editor and Beta Readers. I'm trying to fuggidaboutit for a bit so I will be slightly fresh when I go back to it next week.

Life got in the way and I've mostly handled stuff I'd put off when I could for the last couple of days.

I am working on the next Feral enovella, and will brainstorm with crit group tomorrow...and also working on another project that I hope to announce news about soon, I've given a few teasers in pics, etc. here and on Facebook, where I've sort of migrated to.

Today: Dictation, notes on Feral Two. And, if you are a writer, you will know about research...in this case a name and identity for Dak of the Black Panther Klatch. In October, when I finished the (rougher than anticiptated) draft of Feral Magic, I figured out that Brandy (heroine) is a webdesigner and she has a friend who can get her identity papers. So who and what would Dak be, here?

In Feral Magic, Brandy called him Dakota (which is NOT a name any native American would give to one of their children). Anyway, I went here, there and everywhere on the net, and Brandy's friend had been wanting to infiltrate a few databases and create a special kind of identity, just because he could...and I won't spill those beans, but I will introduce you to: Dakota Smoke, see above pic.


Blogger Crafter Jane said...

Robin - I'm looking forward to your new books and I read your blog regularly. Please, don't move completely to Facebook... some of us just don't 'do' Facebook for a variety of reasons!

12:34 PM  
Blogger Faery Chaos said...

I have FB but not really on it enough to get solid connections anymore. I also read your blog every day/post :)

Feral Magic is on my list to read/purchase.

Can't wait for Heart Fortune, LOVE this series!!!

7:22 AM  

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