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Friday, January 04, 2013

Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping, I've tried this really only once and, of course, with software. It was for the first novella I ever did (Road to Adventure in What Dreams May Come) and that scared me. With the publishing of Feral Magic, I'm ALMOST over my fears of novellas.

In any event, here's the map. Some elements (I vaguely recall), did not make it into the novella because (SURPRISE) I had too many subplots and cut one out. :)

Good luck and happy mapping to all who use this tool!


Blogger lyndah said...

Libraries use “hooks” too, only they call it cataloging. I went to look up one of your books to use as an example and I almost fell off my chair laughing. (I really shouldn’t do these things late at night, I just get too nuts.) The book is your title “Enchanted No More.” Under “subject, “ it says: Fairies—Fiction (I’m glad they cleared that up for me, I wasn’t sure fairies are fiction.) Next it says: Man-Woman relationships—Fiction. (It’s official; man-woman relationships are fictional) and finally: Fantasy—Fiction. (Do I really need to say more?) But they had three hooks! I’m just having a little fun at library land’s expense; my sister is a librarian, and we both love your books!

12:59 AM  
Blogger lyndah said...

Oops, the previous comment was meant for your previous blog post about blurbs and hooks etc. Sorry!

1:01 AM  

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