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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heart Journey Synopses (partial)

This is the synopsis set up that I prefer:

Raz Cherry is supremely satisfied with his career as an actor. At twenty-eight his long years of work are finally paying off and he envisions himself as a solid star in the Celtan capital of Druida for many years to come. Such is the life that his divinations have foretold for the past year...until the latest which indicates he will meet his HeartMate soon.

Raz is a second child and his older sister, who has the Cherry Flair for business, always garnered the most attention. He considers his Family's Flair (transporting goods from Druida to Gael City in the south) "dull and boring". His whole Family, too.

Helena D'Elcampane (Del) is an explorer and cartographer. Her creative Flair is making "landscape globes." (Think snow globes with bits and pieces of different items). If you keep these globes long enough, the image inside will form into your dream home.

Del broke with her society-loving parents when she was seventeen, yearning to explore Celta. She has been (mapped) many places and is comfortable in her own company, though she has a fox Fam called Shunuk. She loves nature and is an outdoors type, doesn't care for big cities or crowds. She's very impatient with the games people play.

Del has known of her HeartMate for a while, but sensed her HeartMate's final Passage (fugues that free psi power called Flair), several months previously, enough for her to find him, now that her current expedition was done. Del is eight years older than Raz.

Outer Plot:
Raz has an object someone else wants. His ancestress was a colonist on the starship Lugh's Spear, which made a hard landing, some people (crew and cryonics) died, the rest were helped by the folks of Nuada's Sword to relocate from where they landed to Druida. The site and ship were lost and are now legendary treasures. They landed on a rock formation that crumbled under the weight and the ship is now buried.

The Story:

Raz is annoyed when his divination cards indicate a HeartMate is coming into his life. He has his life – career and sex life – arranged just the way he likes it, and is ready to become a star of the theater, which he's worked years for. Love and marriage and HeartMates could disturb all of that. He decides not to look for his HeartMate, to ignore the cards. He is busy in a current production, garnering fame and money. Pleased with his life and himself

As for Del, she tends to see things in black and white. She has a HeartMate, she'll swing by Druida and pick him up and he'll be a companion on her travels. She doesn't imagine that her life would change much.

Del gets word that her cousin has died and left a child, now a toddler. Reluctantly she considers changing her life enough to accommodate a child, not ready to settle down with a family. She arrives and opens up her estate, concerned about several things. First, finding her HeartMate, though she feels him strongly in the city, and from the night she arrives they connect in sexual dreams. Next, whether the Blackthorns, who want to adopt her cousin's child, will be a good Family and inheritance ramifications.


A couple of notes: I deleted some sentences that surprised me since they weren't actually part of the book as it was finished...

Today I took my Mom and her fiance out and visited a friend recently home from the hospital (and cleaned), thus the late posting...

May you enjoy your evening,


Blogger Tannun said...

Besides the great books, the thing that makes you my favorite author is this blog.

You take the time to respond to questions. I hope you are wildly successful, but please god, stay connected with your fans. We do appreciate it.

And if no one else has mentioned it lately, good job Robin, and thanks for all your hard work!

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second that. The world you've created is unique and I enjoy the time I spend in it.

7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A reader....Here, here!
Can't hardly wait for the next Celta book!. Have them in TP, paperback and now eBook!
Thanks, love your novels and your blog too.

10:14 AM  

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