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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Short Stories

I am quickly pounding out a short story. Why I think I can do this, I don't know, except that I am a Professional Writer. But short stories are a whole different matter than 500/600 ms page novels. So I doubt...but since I doubt during all my work, I proceed. I am determined. Still, I think the contract said 6500 - 13000 and I had intended to deliver 6500, but it appears it will be more -- as usual. I am determined. I can do this. And those are words all writers need to keep in mind.

May your work come easily to you today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just saw at my local book store & Amazon that the paperback of Heart Fate will be out in December.
Ordered it, so I can have all in the same format and a good excuse to start reading the series from the begining. Are they available in e-book format too? Great read for traveling: great help endure the all waiting. Heart Journey seems to be keeping the same cover.

3:25 PM  

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