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Friday, March 05, 2010

Point of View -- Romance & Fantasy

In my romances I usually have two points of view, the hero and the heroine. As a writer I prefer that, just the two protagonists. The free online read "Song of Marwey" is the exception.

Song of Marwey was a prequel to the Luna Series, and the first book of the series, Guardian of Honor, had already been turned in. In that book, the hero of the Song of Marwey, Pascal, is in a battle and I never revealed that he had lived since he was a seoondary character (Ok, if I don't say a character dies, he doesn't).
So I had a problem. Folks who read The Song of Marwey (released just before and during the first week the book was on sale), would want to know what happened to Pascal. So in the short story I had to add another viewpoint, that of a man who sees the future in visions (Luthan), to reassure the readers that Marwey and Pascal would be all right. And they are, through the entire series. They did not take part in the final battle but were the ones who held the fort (castle) at home.

Fantasy is different. In the Luna series (the Summoning series), I had, I think, four points of view in Guardian of Honor. I started out with Thalia's point of view, then moved on to the main players Alexa and Bastien, and once again I needed Luthan and his visions.

Now here is the twist to the story. ;) I've been doing 2-4 viewpoints over a career of fourteen books.

When I write, I let my characters tell their story. So far only Jenni has spoken up in Enchanted No More. Since it's over half done, I don't anticipate that we'll be hearing from anyone else. Including her lover, Aric. Which is just odd for me, and I am nervous that my readers won't like the book because it has no male pov. I like reading male POV myself. But the book is what it is.

The next Luna book (title unknown), will definitely have a male pov as well as the heroine's. It was originally the first idea in the series, and a romance and started with the guy. Luna likes to start with the heroine.

The time period will also be a little different -- book 2 (title unknown) will be a little before or overlapping in time with Enchanted No More (so far in the plot, editor will have input).

So I am stretching my wings here, with one POV (it is NOT first person "I").

Enjoy being in your own head today.


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