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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Out of Sequence

I've been very good about writing chronologically in the story -- in sequence. The visit to Aric's mother (a dryad) follows the last day in the earth palace, follows Jenni's healing...etc.

But now, since I'm in a transition time between what has been written and the next scene that's coming up...and I have some personal pressures going on...I'm giving myself permission to write out of sequence again. I do this more often than not, and since I seem to have picked up spring fever and don't want to write. The hideous deadlines will not, of course, go away, so getting my butt in the chair by letting myself write whatever I want in Enchanted No More is good.

Soon...today and tomorrow will be sunny, with Friday nasty cold and snowy and Saturday finding me on the road to a wedding. So I'm going to sit out in the sun a little bit, then come in and tackle the work this evening and tonight.

I've taken Milton (car) in for a trip check and he is fine. I've eaten corn beef and cabbage at Mead Street Station and avoided the terrible crowds tonight.

So, sun, and contemplation and a bit of reading, and back in I'll come to tackle another attack, or more loving, or another trip through the cave...anything that will get me my wordcount.

May you enjoy St. Pats and greenness (I should be spending time in the forests in Enchanted No More today).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Out of swquence and.... unrelated...
The cover of Heart Journey in Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, etc. even our local library still have the cover with the tattoo! Still wondering what is happening with this cover; any news? Just over 4 months to read it!

2:18 PM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

I would guess that the publicity department released the cover. I know nothing but what I told you.

On Heart Journey itself, I made the corrections my editor requested and haven't seen any copy edits or page proofs yet, so I'm hoping that all is well...


4:45 PM  

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