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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Real/Story Timelines

Enchanted No More takes place between January and March. I'm not quite sure when I originally wrote the first chapter, but I wanted it cold and after the New Year so people were tired of winter and the brownies were shivering on the porch... But I sold the book in April of last year, and began working seriously on it in October.

Since then I've been a little ahead of the curve (chapters 8-18 take place over a few days in February). But now I'm lagging behind, and the climax of the book will, of course, take place during the Spring Equinox -- next week.

Being "right on time" when writing the book has been a boon to me, since I can check out webcams at the various places and I can imagine the weather/air/atmosphere easier.

So days pass and I will miss the synchronicity.

Enjoy today.


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