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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

At Least I'm In The Same Universe...

At Least I'm In The Same Universe...the proposal for my last contracted "Heart" book, Heart Secret, is due April 1 and I've been working hard on the chapters and adding notes to the synopsis/plot outline, always the hardest thing for me to figure out...today I got the electronic copy edits for Heart Journey. Due March 30. I think I felt some hair turn gray.

I write in Word Perfect and the edits, of course, are in Word. I can read the explanatory sheets twelve times and still be clueless. It literally takes me MORE time to do the copy edits electronically than it does to print out the book, revise, and transcribe changes back onto the computer.

So, like, WHIIINNNNNE. Guess I'll start on them first, and let Heart Secret slide a bit, but I've let my editor's assistant know that I should ALWAYS get a great deal of lead time on electronic edits. I don't consider a week long enough.

May your work go easily today.


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