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Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Free" days


Heart Change is done and out to Beta Readers (and Tannun has already gotten it back to me, THANKS, T., not looking at it quite yet).

Heart Journey is not due until December.

This is the time I set for doing more proposals for new books/series, but inner rationalizations will be to not stray too much from the Heart series since I'll be working on Heart Change again next week.


I've done my most significant emails, to my editor's assistant asking that since they are going to an online editing system, can I submit online? To my critique buddies telling them that I'm going to miss the 28th because I'll be in Greeley, signing. To Tannun, for thanks to getting to Heart Change so quickly, to PerkyGoth telling her that the PEARLS are tonight and Heart Fate is up (though I am not sanguine, I have done little promoting to the paranormal group) so I won't be available for our playdate.

What to do today?

Update my website (that will take most of the day), answer some emails (email is usually 3+ hours), maybe update my Profantasy software (which I've purchased and received from Britain), so I can make a floorplan of D'Marigold Residence (I am not competent in this software so it takes me quite long, never did get the BalmHeal garden done in all it's glory).

Walk to the store for bread. Looks like it's going to be sunny. Maybe enter the More Than Magic contest, though entering contests with series books tends to be iffy. I think the books stand on their own, but I am not a good judge. Read contest entries.

So I have plenty of "work" or "work related" to do, and my "workday" will end at about 9 pm after the PEARLS.

May you enjoy your day, whether it is structured or not.

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