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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Laev's Book...15 Years Later, What Happens In The Intervening Years?

I sold three books, two of which were proposals: they had pages (chapters) and synopses (summaries). The third was "untitled Heart book."

I've been thinking of "slipping" about fifteen years for Laev Hawthorn's book, and, in fact, set up his subplot in Heart Change. I hadn't really planned on Laev before last year, but he's coming of age in Heart Change, and Cratag is T'Hawthorn's captain of the guard, so it fit.

I still don't know much about the book, except Laev makes a terrible mistake (ok, he already made one terrible mistake in Heart Duel, but that mostly affected others), so he is not exactly trusting his judgment...still working the plot out, though I do know the heroine and what she's doing, if not her total character.

I am also thinking of what will occur during fifteen years from technology (the starship Nuada's Sword being online again and hooked up to the 'network' of Residences will have considerable effect) to the aging of the children of my first couples...

And other stuff.

If you all have ideas, I'll listen but won't promise to use them. ;) Oh, and brainstorming about Laev's creative Flair would be welcome. He's a rich young man who lives in a castle so a small, portable creative Flair is not necessary.


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Anonymous Valerie O. said...

How about cooking as his creative flair? His grandfather runs a cinnamon plantation so maybe he could create cakes or specialty dishes. It would make creating his heart gift more problematic too because it would hav to be stored in a food no-time.

Also since the contract doesn't specify that Laev HAS to be the next one maybe youy should do Garrett Primrose first since his character seems to be speaking to you. You can always use this to help set up Laev's story too.

12:55 AM  
Blogger Fantasy Author Robin D. Owens said...

Cooking might be interesting. I'll think about it, though right now T'Hawthorn's cat, Black Pierre, has taken over the kitchen as of the first scene.

Thanks for the advice on Garret (now Primross), but Laev's story set-up is a subplot in Heart Change, so I can't change that. And it's fun anticipating what set up might occur to me for a secondary character when I write the book.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never asked a question of an author online before so I don't know if this is an appropriate forum. I have really loved the Lladrana series. Is there going to be a short story or book on what happens to Koz? I'd love to read it.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Fantasy Author Robin D. Owens said...

Anon, this is absolutely the right forum for me. I am here nearly daily and I answer pretty much as fast or faster than email straight to me.

Regarding Koz. I DID have a story in mind for him. However, it was slated to be in book 5 of 6 or book 6 of 6 and when I sold TWO instead of three, I didn't have room for his story.

I actually had two stories surrounding Koz, one a novella with him as a secondary character and his own subplot, as mentioned above.

Since his subplot didn't come to fruition, I don't know all of it :) except that he married a mirror magician.

Maybe Luna will offer me slots for these stories, but if not, they will probably not be written, especially when the Luna books are still in print.


2:44 PM  
Blogger Tannun said...

You haven't hinted on the next gen on the Holly's, at least I don't believe you have.

But I would think part of the resolution for Laev would have to deal with them.

Any chance on a next gen Holly being a heartmate for Laev?

It'd be nice to have that pass of land that started a war be used again, maybe in this book to heal a war.

You've touched lightly on burial rites in the books, but if houses and fams can gain sentience why not land? I know souls continue on the wheel of life in your novels, but perhaps before they go, they imprint into a collective memory that gains sentience at cemeteries?

How about writing as a flair/talent? Books come to life for me without flair, imagine what they do when you add a touch a flair?

8:29 PM  

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