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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Replies to Comment -- Healers, Secondary Characters

All right, now you all know I make this up as I go along, right ;)

D'Sea is a mental Healer, she is an emotional Healer and can use distancing Flair to make a grief/horror seem in the past, or drain emotion from it.

D'SilverFir has telempathy and that means reading and sensing others' thoughts and emotions. She would be appalled at the thought of influencing their emotions or thoughts. She is a judge, not a Healer.

Signet D'Marigold is somewhat of a Healer, and we'll see if how I set that up works for you all.

As for regular Healers, they deal mostly with the physical body, anatomy, and many wouldn't want to mess with anything else.

Some secondary characters are possible set ups that I'm fumbling with for heroines. The-mystic-that-lives-in-the-hills was originally going to be Helena D'Elcampane before I figured out the plot, now her being an explorer and cartographer is more important. I may use the mystic as a teacher for one of my heroines though.

The cursebreaker was interesting because I am continuing to think about that vocation. Some Families and Flairs die out, this is Celta where humans still only have a toe-hold on the planet. I believe that in HeartMate one of Tinne's possible Flairs was as a cursebreaker, but I decided I didn't want to go there with him.

False starts, perhaps.

Thank you, may you have mind expanding thoughts today.

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