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Friday, February 13, 2009

Cast of Characters and Family Tree

I have both a Cast of Characters and a Family tree in the last couple of books. However, they are of the Holly/Blackthorn/Winterberry Family which was the opposite side of the feud from the Hawthorn/Maytree Family so I need to do another one. Even my mentor is getting confused ;).

Tomorrow I start the deep editing and revising of Heart Change and plan on doing very long days until Monday night, when I'll give it to my mentor and maybe a beta reader or two.

That's it for today. It's been a challenging day and I'm tired. I did throw out some questions for you all in comments.

May you have a lovely evening and night.

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Blogger Tannun said...

Robin said "I have decided that Laev's talent is sculpting. I don't know Camellia's talent yet, but she is a tea blender (and that sounds odd too)."

Why not pottery for Camellia? Porcelain teapots, cups would mesh nicely with a tea blender.

I've seen wonderful scuptures of trees and leaves made from metal, some in the bonsai style. My favorite was a cherry tree in bloom. If Laev needed the metal for his scuptures it would tie in with Nuin's geoligist talent, and the Blacksmith daughter?

10:39 PM  
Blogger Tannun said...

I've wondered when you have two families intermarry as happened in Heart Dance, how are titles handled? Does D'Thyme title go to an offshoot or cadet member of the family or can one of her children inherit it? Can there be a T'Willow and T'Thyme from this merger?

And when are you going to introduce the Clover character that will elevate that family to greathouse status?

10:48 PM  
Blogger Michelle Rudeau said...

I don't know if a tree is the best option. It doesn't fit with Camellia's name. But when I think of tea blending, I think of tea ceremonies too. (Which can be an art in it of itself.) Though I do like Tannun's idea about Camellia making porclein teapots (even though this is very similar to Saille's creative flair). Anyway, maybe Laev can scuplt a (small) table/tray with tea equipment (cups, pots, etc.) and tea leaves around as decoration. Hmmm, now I'm hoping Leav is crazy about tea, because this is a lot on one theme. Or maybe Camellia likes hiking, and he scuplts one of her favorite trees....

7:01 AM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor Robin D. Owens said...

Thanks folks!

I was thinking a tree, too, and I've done pottery so I'd like to explore something else.

Of course, the ladies (or lords) who marry another title don't lose it if they are the last of a house. So Dufleur D'Thyme can keep hers for her children. Yes, there will be a Thyme Family descended from her and Saille.

As for Danith. She wanted a Family (and a big one) more than anything, so I don't see her "fragmenting" the Family by making a GrandHouse Mallow. Also, she didn't have that title until late and not for long. (You guys are making me think hard about this, THANKS), but I think she'd be proud if one of her children Tested high and wanted to become GrandLord or GrandLady Mallow. I can see (more) ructions happening during teenage rebellion...hmmm. I've already put them through the wringer in Heart Change again...(see hints of this with T'Ash's interview on his tatt).

As for the Clover, I hadn't thought much about one rising to the top, but there was a cheeky unnamed boy in Heart Fate...fifteen years later...

As for tea, no, Laev doesn't care for it much, but maybe he did sculpt something tea wise.

Thanks a lot,
love, robin

9:03 AM  

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