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Thursday, October 04, 2007


I am writing Tinne Holly's book, Heart Fate, now. It will be book #7 in the series. Right now this is an open ended series with no compelling outstanding thread (hmmm, might decide to do something with that for the --hopefully-- next few).

Tinne first appeared in book 1, HeartMate. He and his brother took an unexpected trip (ok, I shot them around the world) in Heart Fate, #2. His brother's book was #3 and I messed with Tinne's life...so it goes.

Many of my readers will remember the history or pick up on clues as to what will happen.

That is not the same as my critique group. I know my mentor has read them all, since she is a beta reader, but, of course, she doesn't always remember the histories. So sometimes when I'm not clear about the histories in the chapter I read at critique group I just sort of sit with a stunned expression and wonder how much I'm going to have to explain in the background (could take all day). Sometimes suggestions just won't work.

That said, I enjoyed last critique group and will be modifying my pages to clarify issues. I really regret that I can't bring everything I have to critique, but we only meet once a month. If I'm lucky they see 4 chapters, maybe 5.

I'm thinking of asking one or two more to be beta readers.

May you cherish your friends today.


Blogger Kris said...

if you are looking for more beta readers, I would like to eagerly volunteer. I already beta read for an unpublished friend, and love seeing the books and characters as they develop. Sorry this is a late posting........

7:10 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Kris, you need to send me your email at robin at robindowens . com

6:57 PM  

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