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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sensory Description -- Pick One

I made some progress on Heart Fate (when I started thinking about the cat). Anyway, I try to do good descriptions, such as:

"Maybe we'll host a holiday party and see who comes, only our allies, I s’pose, an’ I don’t want to socialize with them, either.” His voice slurred again and he nodded in weary determination. “This place is a godsend.”

Ok, so I have the voice slurring and the nod. I do this OFTEN. So, of course, when I had to cut Keepers of the Flame, it was "pick one." Occasionally I allowed two (or three, perhaps he'd rub his jaw, but usually I just chose one to cut verbage. I think it lessens the story, but it DOES cut words, and maybe I'm too descriptive anyway.

May you enjoy your creative work today.


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