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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Strange Directions

Well, I started on a scene that is just a little out of sequence. I need to write a few pages to work up to it. I think what I should be working on, the last chronological pages, is a section that is too d**n long, I'm cramming too much into it. But I need to at least finish it to see if I should revise.

But, once I was working on the bits of scenes I wrote yesterday (paragraphs for one scene, just in two places, that is I wrote of Lahsin entering the conservatory in FirstGrove (got to revise the map to attach the conservatory to the Residence). And Lahsin having a conversation with the Residence.

Which sparked thought and a scene this morning -- two scenes, that are definitely not in the synopsis and might not take the main plot in a different direction, but DOES add a subplot that wasn't anticipated.

I'm hoping I get to keep it.

Anyway, part of the wonder of writing is having ideas surprise you. And I can see why this subplot will work. In every book, particularly the Heart books with different aspects of Flair, I must show my hero and heroine to be competent and contributing members of society. I think that's a Robin rule and probably (aside from literary) a FICTION rule. What I wrote today shows Lahsin growing, overcoming her problems. So it needs to be there or something like it needs to be there.

Now I usually write before breakfast and I'm starving and I have to take care of a flat tire, not to mention setting up a mechanic appt to fix the back light where some yo-yo hit me (2 different places since I have warranties on my tires). So real life intrudes and my eyes really are tired from the work. I made my wordcount and more, but don't know that I'll get back to writing today.

May you enjoy your creative diversions today.


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