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Monday, February 13, 2006

Writing Paranormals -- Basic Rule of Worldbuilding

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe Basic Worldbulding Rule:Image hosting by Photobucket

Know your science and explain in general terms how your paranormal is built on reality. Try to give your reader an explanation that will let them "suspend disbelief." This circles back to knowing your genre – a romance reader will care more about the relationship and is willing to be ignorant of science than a reader who likes their science fiction more than romance. Such things to be aware of is how much blood does a vampire need and how fast can they really drain a person? Can human/non-human people really breed? Wouldn't a world with two moons have an incredible tide? Is there really faster than light travel and communications? Do ghosts photograph, affect fine-tuned machinery, leave cold spots? How strong are your psi's telepathic/prophetic powers, what range do they have, what blind spots? What are your superheros' individual powers? And, yeah, how do cats fly in saucers?

May all your questions be easily answered today.


Blogger Maura said...

I would also perhaps add that you should think of the rammifications and downsides to things as well as their benefits and strengths. As a reader, it's frustrating to have a world where everyone is perfect and there are no downsides to whatever their differences are.

What if your magical people can't control their powers perfectly? What if your vampires don't get food? If your heroine is wearing jewelry and shapeshifts does her choker strangle her?

(can't resist my $.02)

11:33 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Absolutely...there must always be consequences to magic, otherwise people don't really buy into the story...and yeah, getting to that, too! LOL

7:17 AM  

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