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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Still scratching head...Owens Policy on Other Authors

All right, I've finished my wordcount for the morning (need to work on proposals and do more words later, and string the scenes together) and looked at my email and a reader said that my Saturday post had disappeared and wondered if that was because I talked of other authors and books.

And I'm still clueless. :p I can't recall what I wrote yesterday. Sorry, maybe later.

But as a matter of policy, if I speak of other authors and presume to criticize, unless they are very, very well known and secure in their career, and I don't think they'll be hurt, I'm not going to name them. On the other hand, if I love an author's books, and that author, then I will name them. Oh, SHOOT! I wrote about The Writer's Journey! Finally recalls!


Guess I'll make breakfast and think about how to reconstruct the post....

Sorry for this.
And may your memory be better than mine, today...
Robin (who just had to erase her name from Rpbkn...)


Blogger Holly said...

I think Blogger was having issues yesterday, Robin. I tried on and off for about two hours to read various blogs (yours included), and it always came up unavailable. Their servers must've hiccuped or something along those lines. At any rate, it wasn't you!

12:06 PM  

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