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Monday, June 06, 2005

Book Covers

Yes, I can talk about book covers for a long time and have storys for each -- so that's what I'll be doing this week.

First a lot of romance books have "clinch covers." Authors usually prefer something else, but marketing and sales reps run this part of the process. When "the clinch" stops selling, other things replace it -- like the "cartoon covers" for chick-lit books. These sorts of covers tell a reader that the novel is kicky, for the modern woman, fun! The romance doesn't have to be the focus, but the woman's life.

Then there are "hunk" covers. These sell very well. ;) Women like looking at good men...I prefer a shot from the back with, sigh, shoulders. But that's me.

My "Heart" books first had a hunk -- many liked T'Ash and many didn't. The elements of this cover were pretty set, as I understand it. Jove's Magical Love series had things to clue the reader in -- the wand in the right hand corner, the "magical element" had to be front and center (T'Ash's HeartGift, the glowing necklace he is wearing). You can see the two moons in the background and Zanth, T'Ash's Familiar companion (telepathic cat with attitude), sitting next to T'Ash.

Starting with Heart Thief, my Berkley books have "single element" covers. These are supposed to be more classy, easier to read on the bus and parade in public.

My Luna titles -- and most Luna titles -- have intriguing covers that "tell a story." Something that will hook you. My Denver attorney is looking into a pool. She carrys a baton and holds a jade sword reminescent of music. She wears a key around her neck, dark clouds boil behind her (hey, I sound like a little-white-book on tarot...). On the back of the book is a city in sunlight -- supposed to be Denver, but we have a unique skyline with the "cash register" building. Also on the front is "Torn From Her World" which is supposed to clue you in that Alexa's from the US and found herself Somewhere Else.

The fonts also tell you what sort of book this will be.

And, yes, COVERS DO SELL BOOKS. Zanth, the cat, helped sell HeartMate. They attract people to the book, and I've bought books because of covers myself.

Love to all, Robin (yes, I am running late for the $*))%&& bus and can't figure out this bold stuff).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A good book cover can really grab my attention. I loved the one for Guardian of Honor :)

8:30 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks, Bonnie -- wait til you hear my story about THAT.


6:39 PM  
Blogger Night Owl said...

I just love the cover for Heart Choice - I just love the colors and the bracelet. - If I saw that piece in a store - I would buy it. I want a Heart Choice bracelet.

also, the cat on Heart Mate is very nice -Looks to have a strong personality like Zanth.

2:03 PM  

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