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Sunday, June 12, 2005


Let's see.
Can I succeed?
Periods stop reader's eyes.
As do paragraph breaks and spaces
To increase the pace of reading and gaze moving across the page fast, you can start out slowly like the above example and have reader's eyes moving quicker and quicker across the page and have them wrapped up in the story and experiencing the fear and fast, jumbled emotions coming at them across the page until they are breathless with excitement and with you every word. Yes!

Run on sentences. Well, I tried. Don't know if it worked, especially since it was prettty much off the cuff, and will be in html. But Dean Koontz and Catherine Coulter (Sherbrooke Bride) have used this, Dean for fear and Stella for a consummation scene, though I don't recall whether she led up to the scene with short sentences, etc. or not. It might be used in internals, too, when you want more stream-of-consciousness writing-thinking of your characters.

But it probably drives copy editors crazy (btw they assign me the same copy editor for all my Heart books and she has a vocabulary sheet and corrects my Celtan words sometimes). And whether your editor will let you do it is another matter.

That was a short, quick blog!
Love to all,


Blogger Michele said...

Gee, I remember "run on sentances" in school. They were to be avoided at all costs; the mark of a ineffectual writer. My, how things have changed. I think my old English teacher is rolling in her grave. I can her her saying her signature droll comeback to anything a student said to get her to smile (she Never smiled) "Surly you jest."
Always got a smile out of me.

4:54 PM  
Blogger Michele said...

Ha! and proof reading wasn't my forte either...it was supposed to say, "I can SEE her saying her ....." *I'm shaking my head*
Somewhere Mrs. Michalian is giving me her raised eyebrow stare...shudder...

4:57 PM  

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