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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Celta Thursday, On with the cut Captain's Logs from Heart Thief

Okay, here's Celta Thursday, another cut from the Captain's Log of Heart Thief (hopefully in order, though I kept rearranging it according to the rewriting I did on the main story). As I said before, when I wrote Heart and Sword, I changed the names. :)


I've learned the previous Captain, also Awakened from suspended animation, died in a mysterious, violent "accident." He was Joseph Martino, next on our original roster to be Awakened. But not the best person to have been placed in such a position in the seventh generation, rigid and authoritarian.

The trip should not have taken this long. Our projections were that Landing would take place in the middle of the fourth generation. A fourth generation crew would still have elders with faint memories of Earth. But the life-spans on ship are not as long as we expected and neither is the speed of the journey. The top speed lasted only two generations.

Our technology is failing: particularly the engines and the recycling systems for life support.

In the bedroom of my quarters, on my most private and secure monitor, I have a visual of Miriam and her life stats. Watching her, I recall the past, calculate the future, and ensure she is safe in the now.

To lose her would be to lose all hope.


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