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Friday, July 31, 2015

Celta Thursday (though Friday) Cut from Heart Duel

First, family stuff came up yesterday so I had to postpone Celta Thursday, my apologies.

Celta Thursday-Friday: The easiest thing for me to write are "intermals", thought musings, so I look to see if there are too many and some get cut. Here's one from Heart Duel:

Holm leaned against the brick wall of AllClass Healing Hall, eyes idly scanning the street as he waited for FirstHealer Lark Collinson. His personal glider, a small two passenger model, had already been programmed and hovered on the air cushion in the street before him.

He'd made it his business to know everything about Lark, had started gathering information a year ago, after he'd returned from his impossible journey with Tinne.

He'd kept telling himself that he was giving her time to recover from the death of her husband, that Holm, himself, needed to learn each facet of her character in great detail to plot the strategy of courtship. An impulsive man, from an impulsive family, Holm rarely dawdled about anything, but he'd feared to put his plan in action. Tensions between the Hollys and the Hawthorns had been on the rise throughout Holm's lifetime and had heated even more in later years. All of Celtan society was organized into clans and family opinion was formidable.

He was a fighter, happy to feel the zing of life pulse through his veins when he wielded a sword. She was a Healer, with personal experience of the grief that came from feuding, and a contempt for those who sliced open others, making dreadful work for her Flaired hands.

But the time had come and parental pressure had decreed the start of his wooing. Now.

So he waited.

He knew that after a long shift at the AllClass HealingHall she had no energy to spend on teleportation, and that she usually took a public SwiftGo to the AllClass beach to the southwest shore of Pict, the peninsula that Druida was founded on.

And you might note that this is the cover art I received and not the actual cover. I had enough of a warning to change the sword description, though.


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