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Monday, October 01, 2012

Discrepencies...Maroon Lake in Enchanted Ever After

Discrepencies...Maroon Lake scene in Enchanted Ever After:

All right, I didn't have time to check out Maroon Lake in person earlier this year (after the spring weather would let me in and before cars were forbidden).

First, the water is more shallow than even I expected...but it's been a drought year. Enchanted Ever After did not take place in a drought year, so that's okay. :)

There is no path completely around the lake like there is for Bear Lake in Rocky Mtn National Park, but I think I'll be all right (you judge below):

SOUND! I would definitely have added more sound...the rushing of the stream was evident (even in the drought year), near the beginning of the path. And the slight breeze had the aspen rustling at all times.

Otherwise, I think I'm good. Especially since the time was October, not September...

And here's a tidbit...my heroine, a full human, Kiri Palger, has been transformed into a waterfolk. Lathyr, a full merman, is her mentor, friend, and soon-to-become lover. Jenni Mistweaver Emberdrake and her husband, Aric Paramon are also there, but not in the scene.

And several hours later, in the bright noon light that Lathyr was becoming accustomed to, Maroon Lake appeared ahead of them. They drove as far as they could, then walked to the lake, where the hoary and tough-looking naiader Lathyr had spoken with earlier, Stoneg, rose from the water and changed from legged to human. The naiader clothed himself in falling-apart jeans and a flannel shirt.

He turned to Lathyr and Aric and Jenni and said, "Go, walk around my lake or something." The naiader scowled and got even uglier. "I don't like Firefolk and I don't like mers." He smiled widely at Kiri. "I like humans just fine. And I like very new naiads who come from humans."

Kiri tilted her head. Lathyr didn't know what she might be sensing from the guy, but he remained wary. She stepped close and kissed Lathyr on his jaw. He liked that—the affection rolling from her warmed him.

He stared grimly at the naiader. "Why are you doing this?"

The naiader snorted, and that told Lathyr the older one had spent some time in his legged form or even human.

"I pay my tithe to the royals." He waved a webbed hand, his nailclaws looked dark and gnarly and sharp. "Pink crystals. Fresh mountain trout—Rainbow and Cutthroat." Finally a smile, showing Waterfolk teeth. "And when the Water Queen asks for a favor, like showing a brand-new, full-grown naiad around my lake—" he reached out and tugged a long strand of Kiri's hair "—I do that, too."

The Water Queen. Very interesting.

Kiri laughed, patted Lathyr on his shoulder. "Go on, enjoy the day and the view. Stoneg reminds me of my late grandpa. Crusty."

Stoneg appeared pleased.

Lathyr bowed. "Thank you for helping us."

Again the naiader snorted, but put an easy arm around Kiri's shoulder and said in an almost-gentle tone. "We'll practice your changes and breathing and illusion, huh?"

May you enjoy the day (it's as cloudy as at Maroon Bells here, today).


Blogger Paul Weimer said...

Thanks for sharing, Robin.

9:33 AM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

I am late in responding. Glad you liked the pic.

11:44 PM  

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