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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Critique, Worldbuilding, Rituals

All right, late with this post. I've been writing a lot lately, that's usually how a book goes near the end -- though this does seem to be more stop and go than I remember, but memory is definitely faulty when looking back on writing a book. ;)

Right now I'm stuck because I just realized I needed a wedding ceremony and I've never actually written one for the Celta books...I've written portions...before and after, but not a full ceremony, and even though I'm not going to write words or anything, I figured I needed to allude occasionally to what was going on. So, research, right after this.

Most of my ceremonies are researched and cobbled together into what feels right to me for the world, and what might affect the characters the most -- that was how the Yule ceremony was written in Heart Fate. As for the ritual near the beginning of Heart Fate, that particular one I made up completely and was one of those gifts of inspiration that writers occasionally get.

And I'm having problems making the wedding bit do what needs to be done, so I may have to think on it (or let it simmer in the back of my head) more, and get the bare bones out and come back to it to fix. It could be the last scene I write in the book. ;)

So that's what I've been doing -- oh, and Critique group was today and I didn't bring pages. I always bring pages, but I didn't want to get my head back in chapter 5 of the book when I'm at the end. Mentor's was hashed on until we figured out the one line that was screwing the scene, short story for the anthology was worked on, S.'s was perfect (rewrite of last). We all agreed that we are a TOUGH group. Nobody gets away with anything. Wish I had the time to submit the ms. to the whole group, but that just doesn't work.

Well, I've rambled on a lot now, so I'll let you enjoy, or not.

The kernel advice for this post: modify your rituals for your world, and make them what you can live with for an entire series.

May you enjoy any progress you've made today.

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