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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Scenes vs. Wordcount

When it comes down to the last part of the book, my list of scenes, then my days are not ruled by wordcount. It's a matter of scenes. I plan on which I will work on today and sometimes make it (and wordcount) and sometimes don't.

This is particularly true when I know the book is long. The more words I do is not necessarily better than getting the book done. It's a good gauge for what I've done and may boost my ego if I add it to a yearly wordcount, but that's about it.

So I do keep track of wordcount, but I don't obsess over it (I obsess over the list).

And I suppose that's what people do who plot or outline rather than writing by the seat of their pants (pantzer) or out of sequence. Ah, here's what needs to happen next, I can do that!

It's an interesting feeling, but I still like the surprises of what comes when you aren't entirely sure of what WILL happen next.

However you work is right for you.

Enjoy your work today.

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