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Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday October 27 -- Backups and Story Magic

All right, I should be cleaning but I've been messing around on the computer all morning. I scanned some old handwritten notes from my last story magic session with my friends a couple of years ago for the urban fantasy, and got some things transferred from this desktop to the laptop.

I have several gmail writing accounts, one is for my personal backup use; one can be accessed by my editors and a couple of friends where I upload rough drafts, edits, proposals etc. -- "just in case." One is for writing/promo stuff like RWA conference proposals...and all can just be leaking all over the place. Anyway I double and triple backed up so I can access stuff online if anything, god forbid, happens to the laptop.

I've decided to take baby, but to pack her, and my heavens the amount of cords I have! Most of them will be packed, too. The camera (and both instruction booklets) will be coming with me in the laptop case....


So, I probably will write just before my trip tomorrow.

Have fun!


Anonymous Valerie said...

Eureka!!!! Look what i found when i opened my email today...

Dear Valerie,

the picture you mean is a private villa of Corenno Plinio, a part of a village called Dervio on lake Como but part of Lecco province www.turismo.provincia.lecco.it . The picture is on the web site of Encyclopaedia Britannica www.britannica.com but was also used by the Regione Lombardia for a tourist brochure.

Try to ask the Lecco tourist office if they have a similar one to give you. info.turismo@provincia.lecco.it.

Best regards,

Monica Neroni

Provincia di Como - Settore Turismo

Ufficio Promozione

Via Sirtori 5

22100 Como

tel 031.2755.582

Now at least we know where it is located and have a better idea of who to contact for more info.


4:43 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Ah, we've corresponded with email regarding this, but I just wanted to publicly acknowledge your wonderful research skills.


2:20 PM  

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