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Friday, August 24, 2007

Good News Bad News

The good news is that it wasn't the house wiring.

The bad news is the fan is toast. Motor unsalvageable. Wire shows smoke marks etc. Definitely some sort of surge. Probably will fall under my deductible, unless I buy a new fancy ceiling/light fan. I did love that fan.

The other good news is that Marcus from the electric co. came in and worked so fast he was out of here in under 15 minutes, that's good because when I buy the fan, since the electric co. is literally 1/2 a block away, they will charge me only one $80.00 call. He was FAST.

He also tested the 9V battery in the remote by putting it to his tongue which had my eyes popping wide. I asked if it hurt and he said a little but he was used to it "because he's a professional." =:o

So no overhead light or fan. May get warm, but no problem, have window fan and bedside light.

Now I'm going to eat. I think I ate at 3pm yesterday and I had a couple of pieces of toast this am. Them I'm going to bathe and sleep. I was almost asleep when Marcus came.

This weekend (or maybe tonight) I am shopping for fan and light. Monday will be putting in fan and light. Marcus will definitely say on the ticket that fan toasting was due to electrical storm/surge whatever as insurance rep instructed me no less than three times.

I feel better. Now I'm going to haul fan out to the garbage and dump it. I saved the glass which I also really liked.

So is the lot of a homeowner, and the general mantra, "it could have been worse."
Pray that it won't. But I've had my 3s, Mistral to the vet, coming out of the vet to see the flat tire, having someone crack my tail light on Sunday, replacing tires, and now this. Still have to take care of the tail light.

Oh, and I had a cheery call with my accountant today, too, asking if I knew somewhere she could check for more liberal deductions specifically for writers. The retreat/research trip to the mountains should count as deductions. Of course, that's next year...Yes, I'm filing my taxes in October again, but I HAVE started working on them.

It could have been/can always be worse.
May you have a good day.


Blogger talia pente said...

Oy! Robin! Enough with the gremlins!!

OTOH, we've been fighting with the technology gods for a while. Things are breaking left and right on us. And the expense of replacements is draining our wallets faster than we can put any hard cold cash in.


It could have been worse. Your guardian angel was watching over you.


8:24 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

For sure my angel was looking after me. And may the gods of software and hardware and electronics smile upon you.


8:13 AM  

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