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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sorry -- Explorer

Sorry, apparently this blog is dropping WAY down in Explorer (I use Firefox myself), and I'm not quite sure what's wrong. Whether it's the latest blogspot gliche or a too wide photo or link (I'll be messing with photos, they may disappear and perhaps reappear). I put in a bunch of time modifying the template a year ago, but that doesn't mean I remember anything...

But for some reason my Explorer on my home machine is wacko. Takes terribly long to load (I mean several minutes) and can't even pick up my home page (excite) well, so working on this at home is very, very time consuming.

I DO have a question into the blogger help group, whether they CAN help is another matter. But, I'm very much afraid that considering how slammed I am by writing, dayjob, upcoming conference, needy friends and family, this is going to be one of those lower priorities. I'm truly sorry, but that's how it is.



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