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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


When I learned I was going to be published, I was the member of a couple of writing loops. I figured that many futuristic/fantasy readers would be computer literate and that the best promotion for me would be online. I’m an introvert and pretty shy in person.

At that time I also had started designing a website and was ready to upload it, but ditched it for a more professional look. And I literally studied HUNDREDS of websites to find what I might like. I LOVED the late, lamented Moira’s Web Jewels, especially the dark sets, but I didn’t want light lettering vs. dark pages.

And in my search, I found Writerspace and their chat room http://www.writerspace.com/chat . Writerspace was beyond my budget as an individual author (they still host Berkley Authors, though) http://www.berkleyauthors.com , but that was where I hung…and still might log in on Saturday night.

Then Berkley Authors got a message board and I hung around there and my email loops – those were where I posted most often.

Then came Luna, and I spent LOTS of time at http://www.luna-books.com and my message threads, and still drop in on my thread a few times weekly.

But the place I’m most online nowadays is here, on my blog.

Hmmm. Now to tie this into writing and publishing. Well, all the above places are where writers and readers get together and can participate in discussions on books and writing and whatever…so find a welcoming place for yourself…and, of course you can spread yourself too thin. I keep hoping that when I become a full-time writer, I’ll play more with readers in different venues. We’ll see.

May you find your place inside and outside of yourself today, and write of it.

Love to all,


Blogger moonhart said...

Oh Robin, I just picked up Heart Duel. Again. I started this book a while ago, felt ambivalent about Holm and put it down somewhere. Well, while cleaning my house, I FOUND the book and picked it up again. I went back a few chapters and now things are rolling along.

Now that I have given you a heart attack about the whole "she put down the book" scenario, let me explain something.

Putting it down had nothing to do with the writing. I have read all your other heart books and loved them. It had to do with these two characters. As a reader now a little more than halfway through, I realize that these two cut reeeeaaaallly close to the bone of my psyche. Holm is a pushy alpha. Pushy in a different way than T'ash. Holm treds the thin line of dominant v. domineering and in the beginning I was not liking him at all because I thought he was crossing the line.

Lark is very similiar to me. She is a closet romantic and extremely practical. I'm that way which is odd for a romance writer cause you would think a RW would be proclaiming this stuff from the rooftops. So not so.

Anyway, this book had a very VERY rocky start (for me) but as the story progresses and the characters change I am seeing this book, which hits a visceral note, possibly becoming my favorite of all the heart books.

So, what a reader brings to a story can be just as important as the writer's words.

Some readers can fall into the story because the characters are different from their personality and some readers struggle with those same characters because they identify so strongly that it hits uncomfortably close to home.

Either way, it's darn good storytelling, Robin.


7:10 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thank you, I started writing a long reply, then decided this is something I can use in a blog.

Look for it tomorrow.

Thanks again,

7:23 AM  
Blogger moonhart said...

Anything to help.



7:36 AM  

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