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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Celta Thursday, Marriage Ritual

I looked at all the Weddings and a couple of rituals I've written in the series and have come up with a complete ritual.

Celta Weddings:

Officiants: FirstFamily Lord and Lady of the Month
OR: High Priest and High Priestess
OR: Regular Priestess and Priest

Friends Acting as Priestess and Priest

Quick and Informal:
Chance Met Strangers
Only Blessings of the Lady and Lord and the VOWS are necessary

Set up:

Altar in the middle
Incense, Two Candles symbolizing the Lady and Lord, Unity Candle

Elemental Energies/Guardians of the Circle designators/gifts/anchors

One Loving Cup

Ritual Circle, Alternating friends and Family of the bride's and groom's

Fams of the Bride and Groom allowed in the middle of the Circle


Casting and consecration of the circle, all join hands

Presentation of the Bride and Groom in the middle of the Circle before the altar, they join hands

Beginning Blessing Chant

Drawing Down the Blessing of Elementals, Lady (Priestess), Lord (Priest)

Priestess and Priest Statements Concerning Marriage


VOWS of the Bride and Groom

Exchange of armbands

Binding wrists tethered with a meter length of ribbon

Passing of light – Joint lighting of a Unity Candle (sometimes passed around)

Groom's Family Blessing, Bride's Family Blessing

Blessing of Friends, Priest, Priestess

Sharing of Drink (sometimes passed around)

Thanksgiving to the Elementals/Guardian Spirits

Opening of the circle

Blessing and Singing (HeartMate Song)

Circle Dance or Circle breaks up for regular dancing or for eating/drinking/talking, other celebration.

Presents at a table in the main area of the round temple if in a small round temple.


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