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Friday, September 18, 2015

Ghost Talker Teaser, Day 2, the ghost: Texas Jack

Clearing her throat, Clare asked, "Texas Jack, are you here?"

*Yes, I am, Miss Cermak*, echoed in her mind and the tall, broad shouldered, athletic build of the phantom coalesced before her.

Again he wore leather pants with fringe on the seams, a denim shirt, a long buckskin jacket, low-crowned, broad-brimmed hat and moccasins – and he winked at her as he twirled his lasso, making intricate patterns in the air.

She studied the ghost of Texas Jack Omohundro – an affable ghost, not seeming to be despairing, nor frightened, not demanding justice, nor monstrous. Not like other spirits she'd helped transition to whatever came next.

So she got down to the business – and her new vocation *was* a job – of determining the rules of this particular ghost.

"Texas Jack, why are you here? From what I know of you and your life, I wouldn't have thought you were the kind of man whose spirit would remain." A good man, an honorable man who took life easily. One who'd lived and loved well.

The lasso faded from his hands into thin air, replaced by a cigar in long fingers. He didn't meet her eyes with his fog-like ones, but gazed beyond her.


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