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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ghost Talker Day 3, Teaser About Buffalo Bills Western Roundup TAKING PLACE SUNDAY THIS YEAR, SEE LINK BELOW

Ghost Talker Day 3, Teaser About Buffalo Bills Western Roundup TAKING PLACE SUNDAY THIS YEAR, SEE LINK

"Another quick deadline?" Clare's lips pressed together.

Mr. Rickman tapped his fingers together. "You did very well last week, terminating that evil ghost before the big tourist weekend–"

"Cruisin' the Canyon," Zach put in sententiously . . . like none of them knew.

"And we also don't want to have any tourists harmed by the poltergeist at another large event."

"Really? We've really run into another important event?" Clare scowled.

Mr. Rickman nodded, glancing down at a sheet of paper centered in his blotter. "As you know, Mr. Welliam donates to the Buffalo Bill Museum. He informed me that there are only three large events in the year."

Clare plopped back against the chair. "And we've run into one of them."

Looking up at her with a steady gaze, Mr. Rickman nodded. "There's Buffalo Bill's birthday–"

"Not next weekend." She'd been dipping into the history of her project.

"No, and a music festival last month. And on Sunday there is "Buffalo Bill's Western Roundup."

"Oh, goody." The words, and the sarcastic tone, shot out before she could stop them. So unprofessional! Sitting up straight, feeling she flushed, she apologized. "I'm sorry. I'm not accustomed to cases coming so rapidly in succession and needing such a quick resolution."

Zach trailed his fingers through her hair, from scalp to shoulder, also very unprofessional, but he didn't seem to care about that. He said, "No one ever dropped nasty accounts on you at tax season?"

"Of course not! None of my clients would be so foolish, and firm I work for – worked for – was very well organized." She tilted her head to look at him. Yes, he appeared amused.

"Cops deal with messy stuff. Always," Zach said. "That's pretty much a given." He looked at Mr. Rickman, who shrugged. "Some of our cases are easy and boring. Some are . . . touchy."


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