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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Ghost Layer, Day 2 Enzo and Clare on the Way to South Park

After a last, sizzling kiss with Zach, Clare departed for South Par,. Enzo popped up in her passenger seat before she got down the block.

He panted cheerfully. As usual, strings of ghostly drool hung down from his muzzle. Whee! WE ARE GOING TO THE MOUNTAINS!

“I know. I’m driving.”

I have never been TO THE MOUNTAINS!

“I guess not. You’ll find it cooler.” Would he notice? “It’s coming up on autumn, though I don’t think the aspen leaves will quite have turned gold yet.”

There will be MOUNTAIN GHOSTS.

“Yes, a lot of them.” She wondered if she dared visit some of the mining towns. They’d be as thronged with ghosts as downtown Denver. “Many people lived in the mountains during the time period I’m sensitive to. Miners, prospectors, and everyone who could make money off of them.”

This will be FUN! Enzo stared out the windshield.

“It will be business.” She hesitated. “Did Aunt Sandra enjoy her business?”

. Enzo turned his head. Sometimes helping ghosts is sad.

“I’d imagine so. Thank you for coming with me, Enzo.”

You are welcome. I am your companion helper.


Enzo stuck his head out the window. WHEEEEEE! Thank you for taking me to the mountains! You are THE BEST! He didn’t just stick his head out; he put his paws on the sill and stuck his body out. Not a hair on him moved, but he appeared to feel the wind and his expression was pure bliss.

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