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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Heart Legacy Cast of Characters

Coming November:
Heart Legacy Cast of Characters:

Draeg Betony-Blackthorn's Family:
Note: Draeg is undercover as Draeg Hedgenettle.

Corax, his new raven Fam.

Straif T'Blackthorn: adopted father, FirstFamily GrandLord, tracker (hero of Heart Choice)

Tinne Holly: cousin to Straif T'Blackthorn, Draeg's adopted father. Concerned about the old Yew threats against his Family (hero of Heart Fate).

Ilex Winterberry: cousin by marriage to Draeg through Mitchella Clover D'Blackthorn, Chief of all the Druida City guards (police) and formally in charge of the investigation, (hero of Heart Quest).

Mentioned: Draeg's Family

Mitchella Clover D'Blackthorn: adopted mother, interior designer, FirstFamily GrandLady (heroine of Heart Choice)

Antenn Blackthorn-Moss: step brother, architect and inhabitant of the Turquoise House (hero of Heart Fire)

Draeg's full brothers:

Loridana Itha Valerian D'Yew's Family:

Baccat, her cat Familiar companion.

The Residence: the sentient manor house, Yew Residence.

Cuspid Yew: distant cousin, a generation older than Lori, maƮtre de maison. He and the Residence and Folia Yew run the staff of the Residence and the Family.

Folia Yew: thirty-something unmarried Housekeeper.

Vi Yew: Daughter of Cuspid Yew, about a year and a half older than Lori. )Twins
Zus Yew: Son of Cuspid Yew, about a year and a half older than Lori. )

Everyone who lives on the Yew estate and works in the Residence are Family members.

Lori's stridebeasts, two of six named:


The horses:

Lahsin Holly: Lori's grandfather's (FatherDam's) ex-wife, Lahsin Yew, now Tinne Holly's wife.


Cal Marigold, reincarnated boy of Draeg's mentor, Tab Holly

Garrett T'Marigold, Cal's father, an ex-merchant guard (hero of Heart Change)

Garrett Primross, Private Investigator, informally in charge of the investigation (hero of Heart Secret).

Nuin Ash: Heir of the Ashes, son of GreatLord Rand T'Ash and Danith Mallow, friend of Draeg. Nuin is a fire mage.

Marin Holly: younger child of Tinne Holly and Lahsin Holly.

Anthema Mayweed: chance met new acquaintance of Lori D'Yew.

GreatLord Rand T'Ash: jeweler/smith/Flair tester, (hero of HeartMate), Fam Zanth.

GrandLady D'Grove: former Captain of the FirstFamily Council.

Avellana Hazel: youngest child of the Hazels, HeartMate to Muin (Vinni), T'Vine. Avellana is a holographic artist.

GreatLord Muin (Vinni) T'Vine: the prophet of Celta.

Some of the last listed have VERY short cameos.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cal' s father is Cratag, T'Marigold not Garret.

9:01 PM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

Thanks! Yes, I know. I got this as usual with less than 24 hours turn around and one of my cats was at the vets with an unknown injury (broken nose, now doing well enough). Quite distracted and I didn't double check. One of the horse's names is wrong, too, so both the items have been corrected and will be corrected at the copy edit phase.

7:00 AM  

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